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Hi guys, i'm tottaly a dog lover since i was a kid. My fam have a dog named Oliver he is still young and super cute although i never met him but i often video call with Oliver. He is a mini-pom but lil'bit looks like siberian

Yup he have an eye brow and sock with the different color hair. He didnt like narrow spot, he likes a bright room, he likes to sleep inside the curtain and he didnt like to drink water. And yup i know lil'bit of him even tho i never met him.
We got Oliver from our cousin, because their other dog didn't fit well with Oli. The sad things is they put Oli into the storehouse alone and thats why he didn't like dark places, luckily Oli now happy with us.
I always dreamed to having a dog or puppy but my mom always think that when we have a dog there will the be the time when no one want them anymore. Yes, it matters sometimes when we having animals especialy dog. When a dogs getting older and growing up, we sometimes getting bored and lazy to play with them. But the more i grew up i understand how precious dog heart is. They are the only animal that really have an emotion and can look humans directly in the eyes. 
But some people cannot feel it with heart and doing some stupid things to them. 
They abandoned them they hurt them even some people eat dogs meat;(

I also have been dreaming to adopt a dog here in Bali, but i think it will make them bored and sad if i leave them alone in my room. Maybe i can adopt them when i rent a house someday.
Btw dogs in Bali is too much, too much until some local people leave it away. If you have been visited Bali you will know how common a stray dogs here. And all know mostly they are homeless, sick and sad. You can see so many story in BAWA (Bali Animal Welfare Associasion) or BARC (Bali Adoption Rehap Center) 4 BALI DOGS. They are unprofitable associasion that save so many dogs in Bali. 
I do following BARC's news since 2 years ago and all the thing just made me sad, in a 2 weeks there are 19 puppy that abandoned in front of BARC's vet. They accommodated all the pet until they have no space anymore. And they really do need our help. I've donated lil'bit of my money but i think they need more than that. They always need money for food, vaccine, medicine or injured dogs. You also can send them your un-usefull stuff like shirt, blanket or all type of helminthic cause they really need it for all the pets.
BARC also always do an adoption's day every weekend in their vet, it was located in Sanur and Ubud, Bali.
Well now i hope you can think clearly and please adopt and never buy. If you can't having one than donate a little of your money. 

Bank: Commonwealth Bank
Branch: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Name: Bali Adoption Rehap Center Foundation
Account No: 1039983577
Swift Code: BICNIDJA
Refrence BARC

Bank: Mandiri Bank
Branch: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Account No: 145 00 1023092 4
Value product IDR
Refrence BARC

For more info you can open: 

By the way i found this video was so meaning full, the video tell us how dogs feeling when they are abadoned and than  adopted by good people. And the model is Lee Hyori she is a animal lover and the dog in the video named Nong Shim. He was half blinded but he live happily now after adopted by Hyori. Please take a look: 
Adopt don't buy

and once more, this video show us how lovely dog is, while i watch this video i smile and also cried. You sud watch too!! Totally worth to watch:)
Why eat dog meats?

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