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i always love to dyeing my hair, but my collage doesn't allowed it cause it was hospitality collage hmm... but this time is a long holiday and i had a change to do an experiment hahahahah also i'm going to THAI so why not?
i do a bleaching twice and i only using a really cheap hair colouring hahahaha since it only have a short life-time. if you want to try it  the first thing that you should have is confidence HA.
so here i just want to share a lil bit of the photos.

1. First Bleaching 
The miranda box only cost around IDR 10k and IDR 20k for the biggest one. my sister is the one who help me to dyed my hair

 2. Second Bleaching
i bought more bleaching and this one is more expensive it is about IDR 40k, some people said it would be better if you bleach your hair more than once at least it should be a week after the first one, it would decrease the damage. but bcd i don't have enough time so i only spare about 3 days after the first one. my second bleaching was shorter than the first one and yes this is the first time i bleach my hair and the hair is really damage ahhahahahha. i got some tips that you can use coconuts our first before bleach your hair. but i use olive oil bcs i didn't have any coconut oil.
and this is the looks after about 2 weeks i didn't really have more clear photo:(, it's still purple tho. but every time i wash my hair the water is changed into purple hahahah. btw i cut my hair because I'm its already too long and I'm too lazy to take care of it hahahahah

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