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So its like a couple month ago, i got my holiday to bali!
i think most of  people know how bali looks like, place that can make u happy and super exited 
oh and can make u geting tan too lol.
Anyway, this is the second time i came to bali. the first time was maybe 7 years ago, and i already lost that memory lol.
actually my sister give me an option, bali or singapore? that was hard question cause i love beach but i've been going to bali and sg looks interesting too.
And than i've choose bali cause i love beach too much hahahah. And yes i go there with my big sister only. 
i use to do backpacker holiday but suitcase look;)
i spend one weeks there but i think i need more days to enjoy whole of bali.
so i want to share my late-post-holiday hihi
(btw excuse my face in every single photo:|) 

afternoon flight with an exited face
first day: Kuta Beach
Warung Made!
Warung Made's Fried Rice with half gado-gado (score: 2/5)
 jst like ussually fried rice and the portion was so big
The Bali Bombing Memorial
trying to find sunset in Kuta but the sun was hiding:(
dont be fooled, he is not Jason Stethem! LOL

FlapJacks for breakfast
(score: 3/5) big portion

notice it, sliding on the back that was CLIMAX
the best water slide here, and i've try it twice.
so it was so scary for the first time, u need to stand on the cylindrical tube,
the bottom where u stand get opened so you slide like a die person falling from the top.
understand?lol, nvm
i found a confy cafe in BeachWalk Mall
it was Dirt Java Cafe (3/5) for food
with (5/5) place
Churros! taste like heaven
(score: 5/5) w/o sugar&cinnamon powder(Y)
its only 15k and taste more than churrious hihi

Nusa Dua Beach
the wafe was redece so we can walk until the middle of the sea
lunch at Bebek bengil (Dirty Duck)
(score: 4/5) super expensive
but we can eat in front of beach

cause Nusa Dua didnt have sunset so we go to Cemplungan Beach

Calzone Pizza at the Cemplungan
such a cozy place:) (score: 4/5)

brunch at Babi guling Sudirasa
(score: 3/5)
Tanah Lot's side view
'Balangan Beach'
i took this photo from the top view but unfortunately i cant wait until sunset
cause its raining. and look behind that clifff that was
Crowded beach called Dream Land hoho

Naughty Nuri's ribs
(score: 5/5) must try
going to Lembongan Island with cool boat
my radar found a handsome boy! HAH
super.. this is super beach 
unfortunately the wave was tide so i cant reach deepest coral
and the wind so strong too but it doent matter cause that was so FUN!
re: very first time snorkeling

this is my view when i go back to bali island
last night with super cute hot chocolate
Dirt Java BeachWalk
(score 4/5)

I really like the smell of bali, exactly that was from sesajen, the whole people on bali was use to make sesajen so that smell was everywhere. the smell good and make me relax. and i'd really like to come back if i have the chance, and lombok too:)

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