Hot Day | Buga Korea Restaurant: review

10:46 AM

When my sister was here, we decided to go to Uluwatu Temple and he night before saw this photo on my instagram's timeline...

*drooling* credits to @pupupaula

And I can’t hold myself anymore for a portion of Jajangmyeon like really! It looks so yummy! so I open google and search the nearest Korean Restaurant that selling Jajangmyeon. And it comes to BUGA Korean Resto!
So as I said before, we hit the road to Uluwatu with Sarbagita (again) and to reach Uluwatu Tample it took maybe 1 hour from Nusa Dua, but it only cost IDR 6k wihiii so proud of it. There is 2 things you should know before you come here. One, use a comfy shoes and Two, never use accessories for your safety such as earing, glasses, bracelet, necklace, etc because you didn’t know how wild the monkeys was here hahahaha Here’s some pic in Uluwatu Tample.
After that we continued our hot day to Buga Korean Resto, we can found it easily with GPS. The atmosphere is so kpop but the decoration kindly look like baliness. They play kpop song from all Korean band and it make me feeling déjà-vu hahahhaha
If you kind of person who like free things so you should try this restaurant, I only craving for jajangmyeon but we end up ordered 2 menus. And the exited things is they serve so many dish on our table actually it just korean style because in Korean resto they will give you free appetizer set (Banchan) for free and it makes me happy, we get side food, vegetables, ginger tea and my favorite is Red Bean ice for the dessert! Free! Owhh I love it so much:9
Warm Noodle aka Jajangmyeon (IDR 50k)
Score : 3/5

I think this food is already famous in Korean drama, but if you didn’t know the color of the sour is black because it was made of black bean sauce. Topped with chopped cucumber it comes with big portion. I’ve tried it before in another Korean resto and this one is too sweet and there is no meat, it just feeling with mushroom and potato not really worth for 50k. But I think it is good enough for satisfying my lust hahahhaha

Dinner Pancake aka Pajeon (IDR 30K)
Score: 4/5
It’s ugly. Yes. but Pajeon always displayed like that, so don’t judge it by the cover. It’s tasteful and deliciously salty hahhahaha it was not so crispy but soft as well. Honestly they only put leeks on the dough and put some shrimps for garnishing it:/ but its delicious, they can make the leeks didn’t tasted bad and soft enough, you can make it by yourself btw it’s really easy you just need a certain flour. My sister makes it sometimes hoho

Usually Korean resto only gives water, but they serving ginger tea, so fresh!
This is the first time I got warm appetizer in Korean resto, they serve us with stir-fry Kangkung or Indonesian know it as “Tumis Kangkung”

It comes with big plate, on the left side it was a simply boiled baby potato sauced with soy sauce(Gogumasun namul). On the bottom side, people called it kimchi but actually it was so many type of kimchi this one is made from white lettuce(Geotjeori)  it  tasted like ussualy spicy and little bit sour so korean. On the right side it was boiled spinach dressed with garlic (Sigeumchi namul)  and the top it was cold boiled bean sprouts with sesame oil (Kongnamul). The question is why they keep the empty space on the plate? They should put another kimchi or put the kangkung there hmm….

We almost finish out our lunch and than suddenly they serve us Red Bean Ice with some fruit on it. For the first time we surprised because we didn’t order it but they said it was free *drooling*, it look alike with the one in the menu maybe this one is more simple but still tasted yummy! deliciously milky;) The portion was big enough for two. Uuuuh I love it so much<33


BUGA Korean Food
Address: Teuku Umar street no. 271DenpasarBali, Indonesia
Open Hour: 10:00 - 22:00
Payment Method: Cash/Credit Card
Parking Area: YES
Outdoor Seating: NO

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  1. numpang nanya... jjajangmyeon nya ini pake pork gak...???

    1. Halo gandi, untuk jjajangmyeon di Buga resto ini ga pakai daging sama sekali, hanya ada kentang dan jamur aja. Tapi di beberapa resto lain kadang mereka menggunakan daging entah pork, chicken atau meat. Mungkin sebelum order kamu bisa tanya dulu:)
      semoga membantu yaa


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