The King of Tabanan

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As a tourism student i used to do kind of observation (re: free vacation) with my classmate to some tourism places. And a month ago i've change to visit Puri Anyar Kerambitan it is the palace of Tabanan kingdom built and located in Baturiti Village, district of Kerambitan, 7 kilometres away from Tabanan. It can be reached for about 80 minutes from Ngurah Rai airport by riding a vehicle. This place is already visited by so many famous people like Mich Jagger or King Hussein and Prince Bartiel of Sweden. 
When we was arrived, they serve us with tradisional wine and chips, and than suddenly they bring us into the street in front of the building to watch a tradisional dance. I though it just a common dance nothing much, but the truth is... They closed the street only for the welcom dance (Okokan Dance) and that was amazing, i feel like a VIP guest hahahhaha. They can make the guest feel so special and had a precious time in there.

After the dance over, we come back into the building and meet the ninth generation of Tabanan, King Agung Ngurah Oka Silagunadha, tho that he is a personage but he is so humble, charming and talk active.

Talk about the VIP guest, in Puri Anyar Kerambutan we can have a Royal dinner that included with the tradisional art show. So after we chit chat with the king we moved into the king's house yard they're already prepared a royar dining table for us, and they serve so many kind of Balinese food! 

First we got soup as appetiser, and than buffet  dinner begin... I eat so many things even i dont really know what was i ate that time =))*uncontrol:mode on*, and than the  dessert is served with cute plate, contained with water melon, banana and kind of traditional snack made of coconut, and closed with hot tea:9
What a 'royal' dinner i guess, and i think my tummy will exploded:( just want you to know i gained 5 kg after i moved to bali awwww what a ironic thing;((((
Oh ya when we ate our dinner the king wasn't join us, my friend said because he is a king so he should eat in another place, maybe special place with his family(?), so after we finish our dinner he come back and he called a balinese dancer. Her name is Selfie._. No kiding its 'selfie' if you have a positif thinking it would be self camera but if not it sounds like a dog's name hahhahhahah *ups* nvm.

Than we dance with selfie, she is so agresive and sexy as well. The king said that she is the best balinese dancer in Tabanan and who know, that she is already have a child....
Oh ya when we dancing with selfie she take one per one of us to dance with her, and suddenly the king take me to dance with him to huhuhuh i tried to refuse him but he said 'are you refuse king's invitation?' And ya i cant do anything anymore. One of my friend said to him that I'm from Jakarta and he said 'wahh your from jakarta? Lets do Jaipong dance' and since i was learn Jaipong dance when i was in elementary sch so i dance like a pro! HAHAHAH
he introduce his wife and son-in low too to me, what a pleasure to do that since im the only one who do it. And after that he call me 'my dancer' all over the time. Here is his request for our photo style hahhahha

And after we do our kingdom building tour, we go back into the terrace to watch the Tektekan art! It was so awesome, Tektekan is one of traditional art from district of Kerambitan Tabanan that accompanied with Gamelan music. We also know this traditional art known as Barong Tektekan art because we can found Barong too on Tektekan. To the point, this traditional art want to show us how good spirt fight with evil spirt and there is no one who win its equal spirt. The intersted thing here is people who play the character will be possessed and change into the truly character that really strong. I mean that really true, he event cant be attacked with traditional knife or keris. I i heard that Mike Jagger want to learn how to play those character hahhahah
How ever this experience was too cool and maybe just happeneded once in my life. Uhohhh thanks God and STPND;)

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