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We made it! yey! After a long time of waiting this moment, Finally, we arrived at Singapore in 6th May . Sadly, our beloved Nandia can't join us due to her busy schedule *huft*. 
Although we are trembling and extenuation, we still can have fun together and got a huge experience especially boarding without parents:))
According to schedule that we made, there is so many place we should come but in the end we just going to Universal Studio, Garden by the Bay, SEA Aquarium, Fort Canning Park, and some mall.

Here the video and photos diary, don't fotget to like!

Fort Canning Park

view from our apt
Rojak! S$4.00
NOM! worth even though we must queue up to 10 minutes:''D
Song Fa Bakut Teh ± S$ 8.00
quietly expensive so it's better for sharing hihi
Bao Today, Golden Sand Bao  S$ 3.20/2pcs
I was cusious about the taste for a long time
quietly unique, you must try too:D
Hot-Star, Chicken Crispy Original S$ 6.00
It's like Crispy Chicken Shihlin but they didn't chop it and its taste better .
The portion is so big so you can share it for 2-3 person.
i heard that Hot-Star was opened in PIM, Jakarta too and the price was cheaper yey!
Regular Cup Honey Chicken Balls S$ 4.50
must-try-list for me, kkul-dak is a Korean snack in Somerset mall.
The cup was includes tteokbokki, hashbrown and spicy honey chicken.
*They opened in Indonesia too btw*
Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Kaya Butter Toast S$ 1.30
im so in love with this:''""
*must eat snack*
Bugis Street, Marshmallow Crepes S$ 3.50
Get a melted marshmallow on your crepes!
Bugis Street, Durian Crepes S$ 3.50
nom nom for durian lover;)
Old Chang Kee (s$1.00++/pcs)
Not really bad, well at least we can snacking with worth cost=))
Dong Dae Mun,  Chicken Katsu Curry S$ 4.5
worth and recommended!:)
KFC, Chesse Fries S$ 4.00
must try!
KFC, Original Chicken Rice S$ 6.30
A Hainam rice with chicken and tomato soup, they change the soup menu monthly.
i've forgot this one:( but so yummy!
only cost S$ 4.50 for this combo
Food Republic, Fried Prawn Noodle ($3/$4/$5)
don't judge by the cover, this is so tasty!
Food Court, Breakfast Set S$3.00
i was trying Singaporean breakfast, and this is so yummy!
The set was includes 2 half-cooked egg, Kaya butter toast, and Hot Milk Tea
So worth it! *must try*
another must eat
Mc Donald, Apple Pie S$1.00
I was very disappointed when know there is no taro pie on the menu
and just know that McD change the menu of Pie every month*huft* 
SG's Street Ice Cream S$ 1.00
Sushi from Food court


And yes i spend my birthday here!
got a cute surprise too from Ocha+upil:))
Thanks Guys!<3

1. What is YouPeel?
YouPeel is consist of 7 crazy girl who always hungry.
2. When YouPeel have been created? 
Since two years ago actually before Ms. kartini was born.
3. Why When we are together we always happy?
Because when we're together, we feel that we are the most cutest and awesomest person in da world. #lol #jk

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  1. cutest girl in youpeel :pMay 21, 2014 at 11:14 AM

    HAHAHA Q&A number 3 is so true!

  2. HAHA love this post!
    Friends are like melons; shall I tell you why? To find one good you must one hundred try.����

  3. Canteq bgt kak kayak artis korea ihiyyy


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