Sushi Express (313@Somerset)

12:14 AM

For everyone who love sushi.. will drooling like crazy when come to the place like this. 
Sushi Express is an eye-cathing restaurant with everlasting sushi bar in front of you. 
The waitress will take you to the seat and than leave you, usually they have a rule for sushi bar that you can only sit for 50 minute because there is so many people queue for your seat.
Fortunately i came here in the morning for brunch and there's no queue at all so we can sit til getting bored. 

They serve the glass and tea bag on the table so you can make your own tea. They have hot water faucet too for your tea, cute isn't it? hahaa
But the tea's taste will disappear after you refill it than you only drink a hot water, but because the tea was free so you can use as many as you want!

Teriyaki Scallop
Baby Octopus

Maybe because i came in the morning (10:00 am) there's only a few menu came out, so im getting bored and just ate the good-looking one. But since all plates cost only  S$1.5++  it's really worth to try.
They have some dessert too and they placed it in the sushi bar, they have mochi, chesee cake, mango puding, etc with the same price.

Sushi Express
313 Orchard Road, #B3-24 313@Somerset Singpaore
phone: 65095002
Daily: 11:00 - 21:30

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