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Omsuatiastu! hahahaha its mean shalom in bali:) 
So yesterday me and my friend went to a festival in Bali, this is our first Bali’s event and we know nothing about anything the stand, event, or the location. Because we have no transportation so we end up with Sarbagita Bus, or people will know it as Trans Bali. Actually I’m so in with Sarbagita, because whenever I want to go to some place I use to go with it and it is so worth for people like me who struggling alone in stranger city. It only cost IDR 3,500 but if you student you just need to pay IDR 2,000 whenever you go! The bad thing is the Sarbagita’s schedule is so complicated sometimes I need to wait 30-50 minute but if you lucky the bus will come faster. So yup… you are dramaticly need so much patient.

What is Sanur Village Festival(SanFest)?  
Sanur Village Festival is a community event founded by Sanur Development Foundation which is a combination of several large-scale activities involving food festival, creative economy exhibition, various contests and competitions, art and cultural attractions, music as well as various types of environmentally-friendly activities every year. 

The event was started from August 20th - 24th in Maisonette area, Segara Beach 
So...what was i found on the festival?
most of it was art:')
You can find any food here start from indian, japaness, baliness, until western food!
the one i'd try was Indian food, it is "Martabak Telor" (IDR 30k) the dough of martabak telor was made from prata bread, it tasted good until i'm feeling like kind of bellyful:S

And than i bought "Hongkong's Pancake" (IDR 20k) too with cheese and oreo feeling, i've already tasted it before so i know its gonna be NOM;;)

Beside the food bazar, i found somethings interesting here it is Fruit Craving! 
It like four team who attempt the Fruit Craving Competition and they are so awesome

And the other one is ZOO! how cute that you can found mini zoo in the festival like this, for feeding the animals you should pay, idk how much but there is so many children who feed it and they look so cute:3

Before the sun getting set we decided to go to the beach, and i just know that the event is so close to Segara  Beach. The beach is not really crowded because actually there is no sunset in Sanur hahhahaha, just some restaurant and hotel. But guest what i found?! Turtle breeding! owwww they are totally cute:(( 
actually you can named it and release the turtle but you need to donate and do some confirmation i think, i'd like to try it someday!
free yoga!

Anyway it was so unforgettable day! i got so many experience and i think things like this was totally cool i mean the festival it was so crowed and fun although they just sell food but there is so many you can enjoy in there, and the turtle nest it was so cute! am i cool enough to be a tourism management student? LOL
btw i tried to enjoy everything and its so fun! i hope i can go to another festival somehow:)

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