The Vow

6:37 AM

hii folks! finally i can use my PC :'' it just getting trouble for a month. So i will tell you about a super fun wedding of my sister's bestfriend! *CI DEWI!!* it happened a weeks ago in Temanggung, And yes i'm skipping the school for 2 day hahahahah. i really love wedding and after im following this event its like 'i should getting married!' super exited and interested do a prawed, beautiful wedding dress, the vow, wedding songs and took so many photo. btw me and my sister is a bridesmaid and having a special dress. even we are not really helping the brides because the eo have take all the jobs haha. we get ourself makeup too but i didn't really like the make up, it make me look old or odd hahhahaaa and they cut off my eyebrow:( 
btw i've try to make a video for this event this is my very first time! and not really bad so i hope u watch the video:$


new hair cut!;b


the make up! 


nb: all the photo and video is taken with the phone so so sorry for the bad resolution):

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Thankyou for read whole of my mind, pls leave any comment or anything:)