159 Bath all you can eat: Pla Thong Thai BBQ

4:50 AM

Who doesn’t like ‘all you can eat’ restaurant? Even they said that they didn’t like it, I know in the deepest heart of them, they still want it.  I knew it! Because I really love it. Ayeyy!
This review is written with the deepest heart of writer and this is the most happiest post I want to share about.
Hahahahhaha before I went to Thailand I have searching for the restaurant that worth to try. It’s kindly hard because I want the best restaurant, the best means cheap, yummy, and worth it. Hahahahha since im a backpacker with luggage. I got some bbq buffet with different cuisine and price. But I got more interest in one of them. I got it from a backpacker’s blog, but she didn’t write a detail of it. She just give 1 photo and price, its super eye catching since the price is only 159 bath (around IDR 63K) . And when I look to the comment she told that the restaurant is closed to Victory Monument, which is I got there many many times. So when I was on my way from pattaya to Victory monument I googling about this 159 bath all you can eat rerstaurant. And because im a good girl, God give me a way. Lol I got the super detail review of this restaurant in thisblog. Actually the first time I seach the real name on google, google said that restaurant was pemanenly closed but I really want to see it even it closed yet. So in 10 pm I walked to the restaurant and it still open! OMG im super happy!!
Introduce you the masterpiece of God: Pla Thong Thai BBQ
I think this restaurant in famous for local, bcs when I ask about this restaurant to SeVel staff they know it for sure. And so many local people eat in this restaurant. But it doesn’t mean there is no tourist come. I still found some Japanese, Chinese, and Western eat there.
The interior quietly simple, it is semi-indoor with some night lamp and fan. just like Thailand typical. They have one staff standing in front of the entrance. He have a good skill of English, I think that why he had that job, its kind a restaurant’s hostess. He asked me how many person, and than bring me to the table. And the other stuff asked what I want for the drink. 159 bath is exclude the drink btw. So I order 2 mineral water, it cost 25 bath for one. Kindly expensive since SeVel sell it for only 10 bath. But the bottle lil’ bit bigger than usually. And than they pun the grill pan in our table. The pan kind of cute because it can grill while boiling the shabu-shabu.
So this is the time for the soldier do the action. I grab a plate and take all the meats. I even don’t know what meat that I take. I think this restaurant is non-Halal, because there is pork in the meat option.
Even they don’t have so many option but still, everything tasted worth for only 159 bath. They have fried crab stick, meatball, sausage, etc and all of it ready to eat, but sadly maybe because I come too late so the fried food is already getting cold and not crispy. And some of meat still freeze but who care i can eat all i want. They also have fresh vegetable, grill bread, some thai ice, coconut ice cream, fruit (Thai fruits is the best) and steamed buns with meat feeling also so many variant of sauce. 
Honestly everything taste so-so. But we buy the experience. How we grill the meat how happy we can put the meat as many as we want and taste everything in there. End up, all kind of meat tasted same, I don’t even remember the one that I grill and the one that my sis grill, we just eat anything that we can.

Sadly we can eat all of them we still have 1 plate full of meat, and I just realize there a sign that ‘if you have leftover foods we need to pay extra 159 bath’ and we are so worried, thank God everything is okay we past it hahahha I found that another table have more leftover foods than us and they already gone that mean we are safe too huft thank God.XD

Pla Thong Thai BBQ 
Bang Kapi, จังหวัด กรุงเทพมหานคร Thailand
(close to Victory Monument)
you can view the map in this blog :)
Open time: i dont really know what time their open, but they closed at 23.30
Price: 159 bath / person

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