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Hi Folks!
have you ever heard this island before?
This beautiful island was located in north Bali and you need to raid a boat first from Lalang's harbor  it's about 30 minute. Actually this location was one of many place that i got from my collage field trip so let's just say that...HOW LUCKY IM! i got free trip to Menjangan Island!
I bet you didn't know what is 'menjangan' in 'menjangan island' mean for. hahahhaha closed to Labuan Lalang harbor there is Bali's West Botanical Garden that have so many Menjangan or deer. My lecture tell me, one day the menjangan feelin so uncomfortable because there is so many human and many bother things there, so they swimming cross to the sea to a small island and live happily ever after there. That's why you can found so many deers in a small island like that.
Well.. what we can do there?
absolutely snorkeling and diving! uuhh how i miss snorkeling and you know the feeling that you can snorkel as long as you want??
This time i got  a change to snorkeling in Menjangan Island, i've never come here before so i really exited also curious too. Until i arrived there... the island looking good but the coastal area is filled with garbage:( what a hurt things to see, they said all the garbage was sanding by west java. I don't want to comment to much but it was really bad, you can found organic and un-organic garbage hmm and my sister's friend said that when he went to Menjangan Island 6 years ago the water was so clear and there's no garbage at all. hmmm
Back to the topic, don't worry the garbage only floating in the coastal area, when you swim away from coastal you will found so many beautiful corals. Like really it was awesome! if you brave enough to diving you should try those place.
Menjangan's under water area is like a cliff, the snorkeling area was like only 15 meters and after that you will found a cliff until the deep sea.
I didn't bring my swimsuit and we are snorkeling with sun standing out like that, therefore i decide to using my legging and football shirt hahahahhaha 
By the way there is so many jelly fish you can found there but they're biting! i mean stingy, i got stung once and its like you getting bite by the fire ant, hahhahaha its cute enough to get those experience. The jelly fish wouldn't bite you if you touch them with ur bare hands, and when you take them out of the the water it feels like touching a jelly.. a transparent jelly! super cute i want take one of them to home hahahhhaha...
Im gonna upload my field trip's video soon:D

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