Things You Souldn't Miss in Thailand

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Thailand is the most fun country that i have ever came, beside so many fun place everything in there is so much cheap compared to Indonesia especially Bali. And if i have a change i really want to go to Thai angain. Well after spent a week in thai i will share about the things that you should probably not miss when you visit Thailand.

1. Street Food
yup! Thailand will win because their have so many street food that we can try. and most of them is yummy and cheap!
Mango Sticky Rice or Khao Nieow Ma Muang,
this one isn't really cheap but if you didnt try this one you didnt come to Thai yet.
Loti Crape, this is for the sweet tooth the banana feeling will make you happy;)
and this one called kanom-krok i love this so much! you should try if you see this in the street.

2. Cheap Sushi
There is a sushi street that you can buy although it tasted kindly cheap but why not you try a sushi that cost only for 5 bath (IDR2k) per peace?

3. Themed Park
Omg! there is no word cant describe how awesome themed park in Thailand. They just so many and so cute. And i hope you can visit some of them:D
There is 2 district i've visited it was Cha am and Khao Yai. and two of them just AWESOME! i want to cry:(
Santorini Park in Cha-Am
Palio Village in Khao Yai
The famous Choco Ville in Bangkok

4. Go travel with motorcycle
Go rent a motorcycle couldn't be a bad things in all ways. you can go whenever you want without worried about the transportation. and the cost is really fit for 2 person:D
it cost around 250 bath (IDR 100k) for one day

5. Try all the unique thing in SeVel
i love entering rare supermarket to find out things that i have never seen before! and because thai have so many unique things just like japan with cheap cost so I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

6. Drink Thai Tea as much as you can
Yes drink thai tea in Thailand will not same as you drink it in your country, so since it is really cheap, so drink until you drunk!

7. Dinner in Pla Thong Thai BBQ
i've already share about how lucky i am to found this place, you can read it in HERE
you can eat thai BBQ with only 159 bath per person, super affordable:D

8. Shopping til' you lost your money
shopping in thailand is no joke, even they have morning and night market in the same place (pratunam). And there is so many night market in Thailand. You will lost your mind when you already enter it, so becareful hahahaha
ps: i even didnt take any picture in the night market:( so i take it from the internet

9. Visit Temple 
this is a must activity in Thailand isn't it? the most important is you should visit Grand Pallace, but becarefull you can lost your partner just like me:(
Grand palace is one of the well known temple in thai, there is still so many beautiful tample in thailand:D
Grand pallace
Wat Phra Khao Yai in Pattaya

10. Explore Chatuchak
Chatuchak is the biggest market i think its like a maze hahahaha and full of people. Chatucak only open in week end so if you have time why don't you come to Chatucak? so many thing you can found there:D

Thats all! i hope it help and i cant wait to hear your story about this land of free:D

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