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Japan will be my very first destination, i dont know why but every time i look at other peoples review about traveling in Japan i will be super envy. And i made a pinky promise with myself that  will i bring my mom to traveling to Japan with my own money that i've earned by. Beside the awesomeness place, Japan have so many yummy food that i should to try. The best thing that i will try is the cheaper sushi with excellent quality
Nagoya - Japan
Shibuya - Tokyo!!
And i've heared so many times about Okinawa, and i've been watched Okinawa's view in one of Korean Drama 'Scene Of Women' and really... i want to go there so much! In Japan, Okinawa it's just like Bali in Indonesia, and because im a beach lover this one will never be forgotten!
Okinawa - Japan

2. Europe
The coolest place for tourist! actually i just want to reach France and Italy only. but if i can take all the Europe Trip, why not?!

France : Every girls dream.

Italy : This place isn't really close from France. I love the beatiful place like Venice you can swiming everytime you want, cause the water is in everywhere. But if Venice is in Indonesia it would be 'kali Ciliwung':( yes, i think in Italy, Venice is like 'Kali Ciliwung' in Jakarta but same place different brain.
And for make it sure Venezia is not Venezuela:| (you can check the Venezuela look like in HERE).
Ravello Italy
evening venice

3. Bogotá
Bogota is capital city of Colombia. Colombia have their own Republic, they use Spanish language and so close with Caribbean Sea!
I just love the old building and the cool sky in there, it will be awesome for my photoshoot:$ lol
Caderal Primada - Bogota

Santa Catalina in the Caribbean Sea

4. Korea
I've been there before in 2007, i was 12 years old and i've already lost that memory. i'm going there as a birthday present from my autie so i go there with my uncle and my aunts. We are using Tour so the journey isn't free as i want. And i really want to go to Jeju Island, i've never been there, The Korean's Bali.
So if i can traveling to Korea again it would be amazing! i've loved Korean hallyu since i was 12y.o before i go there. so until now its been 6 or 7 year to being a KPOPer hohoho
Maybe i will going here soon....with my husband:$

5. Thailand
Traveling to thailand is one of unique place for me. There is so many beautiful places that i can explore in thai. And the special one is.... There is so many adorable street food that i can try. 

Khao Luang Cave
Wat Pha Son Kaew
thailand street food
6. Hongkong
The coolest country in Asia;) cool view, yummy food and good people.
i'll bring my mom to here too! cause she had so many friends in HK, no need tourguide and more shopping! *YEY*

7. Maldive
The last one, Honeymoon base camp MALDIVE! no word can describe how cool the resort in Maldive(Laamu Resort). i've seen in 'We Got Merried' Khuntoria Couple they had a honeymoon here and that was so amazing:')
you can see in HERE too, they are giving the review of Maldive while they have a honeymoon, so envvvy!


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