SG 2015

4:36 AM

Okay.. This is the 3rd times i posted about my trip to sg, i hope u not getting bored just like what i felt. #ups hahhahahha
So last year my family celebrate chinese new year in singapore, and this year my mom want to do the same thing again, the different is... This is not a privet trip i mean i cant really have my behave just like i do before... hehe bcs my causin, uncle and aunty join the trip! Actually in the first time im so unhappy about it, but more closer to the trip the more i felt don't care about it. But it turn so fun like really! I got angpao too ohhh praise the Lord!!;D
Btw i got my dinner through the plane, my sister ordered it (Nasi Lemak) when she book the flight. And it serve kindly cute, like a bento and the mineral water glass is only half glass. People said when you eat something in the airplain, it will tasted different but it doent matter for me at all hahhahahahhah, it still taste good or maybe so so but i was hungry so everything tasted good.
I take the evening flight alone from Bali, and my sister take me in Changi Airport and than we going back to the hotel in Chinatown. Well to get more the chinese new year atmosphere we should stay in the chinatown tho hoho
Actually i just went to the same place over and over again. This time i got the change to go to some places that i really want to go before, to satisfy my curious like Chinese and Japanese Garden, Haji Lane, Floating Baby or Laser Show in GBTB. Also eat one dollar ice cream as much as i want too!!
This is must-eat snack when im going to sg, i think the Taro Pie only available when chinese's newyear month or maybe rarely per month, but when i go to sg with yupil, it was unavailable. Omg only cost $ 1.20 you can tasted the heaven, the pie was crispy outside and sweet warmed inside. The Taro one tasted sweet but the apple pie tasted lil'bit sour.

Btw beside a hobby making a blog is kind of saving for me. i can improve my words, sharing with people, also save my travel photo. so in case my memory was error i still saved it in my blog hihi so
               Here the photo-blog❤️
           Chinese and Japanesse Garden

Jackfruit Pie - KFC
Fried noodle with chesse 
Mini coconut
One dollar ice cream, red bean flavour

Palawan Beach

Singapore Botanical Garden


Lentern Festival

Garden By The Bay

Haji Lane

Thank You for everything and i love you!
Have a wonderful year ahead

All photos was taken with my 5S cam.


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