Family's Trip!

1:14 AM

Well i spend my CNY in SG yesterday, it was significant different with what i've usually did on the past cny. I've spend 4 days and 3 night in there.
because this is the very first time i come to
Singapore with my family, this gonna be awesomely unforgotable!
sg's people make me so speechless because they are so adorable and straight to the rules.
its like the whole people know where they gonna go and what they gonna do. They will be on left in the escalator, they do queue no matter where, and they will give their seat for someone more needed.

idk, but if i would compare sg with indo, it will be so far.
But the worse things is some people are so tempered and unfriendly here, Indonesian people are too friendly and make me comfort haha.
so this is the video diary of mine!:3


Happy chinese new year! 
have a better luck and life!:3

cute lamp in Changi
view from my room

KFC: Orginal Chicken Rice! so yummmy

MCD Apple and taro PIE!

Taro Pie: 10/10 soo yummy
i've got addicted:'''
Apple Pie: 7/10
it tastes little sour but really well

Song Of The Sea!!

China Town

beautiful mooma

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Thankyou for read whole of my mind, pls leave any comment or anything:)