Korean Snack Review

12:22 AM

Hi! welcome to the most unimportant post in this year hahahhaa
Well my sister just returned from korea and she bought me some korean snacks
so i want to share some of my exitedness with you!

Potato Stick. 
Just an ordinary potato stick but this one seems so similar like potato fries.
(score: 2 / 5)

Tteokkbokki Snack/stick(?)
this is the best of the best, you should try it!
(Score 5 / 5)

im totally love the cookies and cream, so this one is besk:'')
(score 5 / 5)

Banana Milk.
The famous milk nowadays. after i drink it, i feel more fabulous than before
hahaha, the taste just like a common milk, not too sweet and fresh!
(Score: 4 / 5)

Jeju's Mandarin Orange Chocolate
This is the tread mark of Jeju Souvenir i think, their mandarin oranges.
quietly expensive but you should try at least once in ur life hahaha
the taste was unique, they dried the orange and than the other half of orange was dipped with chocolate.
So there will be a sweet and sour taste with crunchy texture:)
(Score 3,5 / 5)

Just an ordinary chocolate with rice crispy and oreo
(Score 3 / 5)

Fish Cake(?)
with the red bean and marshmallow inside, but it just tasted like red bean cake
(Score 2,5 / 5)

this this so NOM! i love both
my sister tell me this was a Kim So Hyun's Pudding. She said that she can found Sohyun's face anywhere in korea, included in this yummy pudding. And than i found it on youtube Petitzel's CF! hahaha
(score 5 / 5)

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  1. So yummy T_T Mau snack korea juga huuu. So curious about the banana milk taste! Kayak susu chimory gt gak sih?

    1. lucu lucuu jesss, emm lebih enak si banana milk sih rasa parfumnya ga kerasa wkakakak kalo cimory kan kerasa


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