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For you people who come to Bali and want to travel to tourist spot and not interested to rent a car, now we have the treasure for you!! KURA-KURA BUS is convenient public shuttle bus that scheduled and routed to some tourist area with good service and cute bus design.

Actually South Nusa Dua area was already started, but i dont really know where is the bus stops. But as you see they bus stops was in some resort areas and tourist spots only. The Central was located on the central DFS bus terminal (Galeria Mall). The bus service operates every day (09:00-23:00). The buses have a cute turtle design with green coloured and was equipped with air conditioning, free wifi, LCD video and recorded guide system.
Bus Stops Central
The cost ranges is from Rp.10,000 - Rp.50,000 for a single trip depends the route.
But if you think you will use this bus for a day, you can buy 1 day pass worth for Rp. 150.000. Not only that they have 3, 5, and a week pass too!
The ticket design was so cute either, its like a coin with green color of course.

If you not understand about the ticketing or the route you can ask to the customer service in some bus stops (marked with a man with hat in the map), they will explain it with patiently, like seriously because i do ask so many things hahahahha
Altough they named it with Indonesian language but Kura-kura Bus's director is Japanese (re:Michiya Mizukoshi). Kura-kura means Turtle by the way:b
Bus Stops in  Lippo Mall

hope it helps! ciaobella:*

p.s: if i compare kura-kura bus with sarbagita, its would be so far because sarbagita only cost Rp. 3000 but, sarbagita only have big street route witches kura-kura can take you until the destination directly, so certainly their have their advantages and disadvantages. Or you can use another vehicle like taxi maybe:)

Ground Floor, DFS Galleria, 
Jl. ByPass Ngurah Rai, Kuta, Badung, 
Bali, Indonesia 80362
Phone: (+62) 361 3700 244
E-mail: info@kura2bali.com
web: www.kura2bus.com
Business hour: 9:30am to 10pm
Daily, except on Nyepi

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