Warung Asia

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Warung Asia... after heard it, the first thing that came to my mind is they are selling Chinese food, but actually they mostly serve Thai and Indonesian food. Located on Legian, Bali this restaurant kindly eye catching because it was in the second floor with an outdoor dining. The restaurant's setting is really cozy and the waitress was so nice and friendly. they are playing some nice slow music and i really like it! 
We came to warung asia for dinner, when we arrived there is only a few people but after almost a hour the restaurant is already crowded and we (me and my sister) are the only local customer. Anyway the best part from this restaurant is the atmosphere, we are spending almost 2,5 hour there. After finish our dinner we're preparing some knowledge for my interview in the next day (for you who didn't know, i will spend my 4 years ahead in bali!). Even the other customer keep coming the waitress didn't do something uncomfortable thing to us, and it is a plus score for me;)
getting crowded

What we ate?

Tom Yam Goong
Pineapple Fried Rice (Chicken and Shrimp)

Overall it was a good dinner, my sister really like her Tom Yam. It was contains with shrimp, mushroom, chicken and topped with celery. For me it just like a common tomyam but maybe more tastier. And mine is Pineapple Friend Rice, it was really perfect for dinner. It's serve with pineapple(ofcourse), shrimp, chicken, chopped celery and chili, so tasty! 
The portion kindly big but in the end we clean it out just like a hungry pig hahahaha
The Menu

The worst thing is.... i've already searching for this restaurant and the thing that really make me interested with Warung Asia is this photo...........
i dunno i just get it from google-ing, like... WOW such a cute menu with affordable price i must go there!
and than i'm already craving for the mango sticky rice and green tea ice cream so much, can't stop thinking about that, but unfortunately not only raised the prices, mango sticky rice was unavailable too:'''( so disappointed huftt and for the ice cream, they have an ice cream stall right below the restaurant but we didn't taste is neither.
this photo credit to tripadvisor

Warung Asia

Werkudara street no 5Legian, Seminyak, BaliIndonesia
(close to Hotel Jayakarta)
Open Hour: 10:00 - 22:30
Phone: 0361 7420202

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  1. Hi Lydia, thanks for your comment. This restaurant looks amazing, do you go to Indonesia often? Anyway love your blog! Keep in touch :) M.B whips-and-furs.blogspot.co.uk xx

    1. hi katie:)) actually i live in Indonesia and yup you should try it once when you come to bali:D

  2. wow this restaurant looks amazing!! The food does too.



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