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Im so sorry to write this post now, it should be the best time to post it 2 month ago when it was still fresh. Hahahahaha I am so busy, even I didn’t know what am I doing. But all I know there is 3 things that filled up my day this past 2 month. It is Chasse In The Trap, Internship, and Creative seminar. And all of them takes my time and my mind these 2 month.
By the way, I am so happy to share my Thailand’s Itinerary to you! I hope this can help you and you can learn from my bad things

Hahahha since me and my sister used to be a solo trip, so we prepare all the things by our own. Hotel, destination, transportation, including money lol. It was not easy but it was super fun yet. Before we went to Thai, my sister kinda busy about her job. So I find the hotel, destination and transportation all by my self. Alone.  The most part I’d liked was the destination, bcs I’ve find it since 6 month before we go hahahhaa. I started to find the hotel a month before we go, and I stared to find the transport when we arrived in Thailand. Hahahhaha this is serious.  We even didn’t know what kind of transportation, what number, and where we can found it in the airport when we still plane. That how we doing=))
But Thailand is not that hard, even they don’t really speak English, but they helpful and fun! By the way you can read about how I found the transportation after we arrived in Thai (HERE)
Well, honestly my itinerary didn’t goes really well. Why? Because I have not yet find about the transportation yet. I only set it up by the distance from the map. So the first thing you can learn from me is: DON’T BE LAZY to find the transportation and estimation from 1 place to the next place in you itinerary. Hahahhaha but seriously before I went to Thai I was so lazy to find about it=))
And yes it didn’t goes really well hahhaha we change it bye the time we will go there . Oh if you curious how we find the transportation in Thai, we bought 1 sim card (we can use it for 2 by using tattering wifi =)))  and search the bus number or sky train with google map and choose with local transportation. They will tell you kind of transport you can use, the estimation and the cost i thing.

Don Muang International Airport – Victory monument – Hua Hin
So we decide to explore the left side of out itinerary map first, it was Phetchaburi and Huahin. We go to Victory Monument (Vicmon) with bus (15 bath) and sky train and it takes about 1 hour (including confusing, getting lost, buying snack, etc) and after that we takes a mini fan (180 bath) to Phetchaburi for 3 hour! Whoops my ass totally crack while sitting in the car. Our last stopped is in a BIG C supermarket, and we try to see what was inside. We tried KFC, go to the super market and bought a sim card there. After that we asked to the sim card seller how to go to our guest house and kindly she help us to talk to the local motorcycle driver. It about 40 bath per motorcycle, and noted it we still bring our luggage hahaa. so we got our own local motorcycle to the guest house. And they leave us in the crossroal……. Luckily my sis saw the map already so we walk a bit more to the guest house.
We have a high expectation for the guest house, or literally I ha ve big expectation because I have already found so many good review about it. And yes White Monkey Guest House was totally super AWESOME! So we deciding to take some hour to rest after our long journey. Since we only sleep about 3 hour and got to the Airport at 5am and arrived at the guest house at 5pm. We have seen some restaurant close to the guest house and decided to take a night walking. But when we past the mini lobby we ask is there any place we can go to? And surprisingly they said there is a night market close from there. Wohooo I am totally blessed! Isn it? Mhh yes im hahhahha it didn’t finish yet, we saw some bicycle in front of the guest house and though that it was for rent, but it was guest house’s facilities. We can use it for 2 hour for free yipiii (don’t worry you still can use it for more than 2 hour I think coz we use it for 2,5 hour=)))
And its not night market I think, it is the heaven of the foodies! Heaven totally heaven! It is a semi indoor market and all the people selling food, snack, beverage and also fruits. We decided to try all the things. KALAAAP! And I consider that the food in HuaHin was more cheaper than Bangkok. One portion of noodle or rice with so many vege/meat only cost 30-40 bath which is in Bangkok it’s about 50-100 bath. So I thing this place is a ‘MUST COME’ place for you! 

The Itinerary:
Day1: Don Muang-Phetchaburi
Day2: Khao Luang Cave-Camel Republic-Swiss Sheep-Santorini-Bangkok
Day3: Bangkok Art and Culture Centre-Siam Centre-Chatucak-Asiatique-Pratunam Night Market
Day4: Palio Khao Yai
Day5: Siam Paragon-Choco Ville-Pratunam Night Market
Day6: Wat Phra Kao Yai-Nong Nooch Tropical Garden-Silver Lake
Day7: Grand Pallace-Wat Pho-Ananta Samakhom-Victory Monument Night Market

I just devided this trip into 3 part (just click one of them)

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