Express Vacation!

11:47 AM

 I said express because i was only stay here for less than a hour and i said vacation because it was Karma Kandara Beach! Wohoooo!!!!!
actually me and my friends deciding to go to Pandawa Beach to raid a canoe but in the end, it was only me and Swande (ps: gonna introduce you with my new partner(s)). But we end-up to Karma Kandara Beach. 
Karma Kandara is middle-high level place, when you arrived you will see a beautiful view from the cliff.
Yup Karma Kandara was located on the cliff there is a villa too in the cliff, i told you it was middle-high++ my friend say that for the highest room in that villa cost around 70 million rupiah per night....
If you want to go to the beach you can get down by the lift with cost IDR 220K +tax per person, you will get a drink too but if you dont want, you can go down by the stairs (300+ steps). My friend have been tried it and she said that her leg getting pain for 3 days hahahahahha.
But this time i come here only for watch the sunset and smell the air, yup only that, i also not go to the beach and only watch the beach from the top of the cliff they made like a beautiful roof and there is a fancy cafe too but for only a coke they cost it for 150k! truly cool lol...... buy maybe next time im gonna go to the beach by stairs, very next time cause it was too beautiful to forget about fuuuft no kidding the view totally awesome guys!

After the sun getting set we decided to get some food, and i tried 'Nasi Gandul' if i translate it into english: 'Hanging Rice' hahahahaha it taste like Soto Betawi kawan kawaaan....
the soup was made from coconut milk and differently with Soto it just filled with meat and topped with soy sauce, it tasted deliciously hot wuhuuu

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