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Happy New Year! uhh i think this year gonna be a tough year with full of surprise, Hwaiting!!
this will sound mainstream, but have you guys make a 2017 resolution? You'd better have, cause just like what I said this year is gonna be a though year hm... maybe bcs Trump is already got his crown(?)
My new year resolution is learn English better than today, having more me time, and be more positive  and gratefully for having Jesus along with my life, and last but not least is posting more useful post for my readers:D
Well welcoming this year with reviewing Thailand's Boat Noodles isn't a bad idea right?

Since I have a hard Chinese blood, I have much interest with cheap things hahaa, especially when its a cute thing!
aaand food testing is always be a fun things to do while traveling. When you visit Thailand make sure you try this noodle.
There is so many Boat Noodle Restaurant and you can easily found it in Victory Monument, so I randomly choose one of them, just above the MRT stairs. The vibes really feels like a boat since it was river side, even the rives is so milky but at lease it didn't smell bad. The price is totally affordable they sell the small portion of each menu for 12 bath (IDR 4k) and they have big portion menu as well.

We order all the menu since they only have 8 options. The taste of every single bowl must be so different, they use so many spices, and as thai food always taste sweet and bitter so some of them taste weird hahahahha but over all it was tasty and fun!

They served us quickly, and yes i just realise people order 4-7 bow per person. Per-bowl it only for twice bites but they put so many accessories on the noodle so it make us full enough for only tasting all the menu. The unique things is when you order mineral water they will give you a glass full of ice, and the water is places on the table, they use useable bottle (cute!)

But honestly i don't really remember what is the restaurant name, for sure there is so many boat noodle restaurant in Victory Monument so you can choose one, maybe the one that close ti the river so you can feel the 'boat' vibes.

Happy Eating!

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Thankyou for read whole of my mind, pls leave any comment or anything:)