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‘everyday is a holiday in Bali’ that quote was written in others people mind when they heard ’Bali’. But when you live here, its different. I’ve living in Bali for more than a year but I only do that ‘holiday’ rarely maybe in a month I only do it once or maybe no at all.
So this times I got a change to do the precious ‘holiday’ thing, even this still correlated with my collage’s subject. But perks is gonna be perks, whenever I want to see a beach I just need to raid a motorcycle and in a minutes I can see it.
2 years ago i have been come to Lembongan, but I used a Bali Hai Cruise.  So everything was packed in one package like snorkeling, lunch, or bananaboat. And I paid for IDR 700k. You got welcome drink, buffet lunch and good facilities. That one was such an elite time. This one I do a low budget one. And omg it was only cost 500k for all, including the hotel and boat and transport and absolutely food for 2 days.

Well yes! I went to Lembongan Island plus Nusa Ceningan. OMG! So so fantastic. Everything is so cool. So let me tell you my story bout’ this trip, hope u enjoy
BOATing at 08.30am
I using a boat to crossing the island for only 50k but one of my friend was already know the boat’s stuff and we got a disc! So lucky isn’t? we only pay 35K  , the Lembongan Island is a small island below Bali island so we go there through Sanur Beach. And to go to Ceningan Island we just need to cross a bridge it was so closed. But for go to Nusa Penida we need a boat. 
We arrived! Accidently we did a miss communication with the motorcycle rent. So we need to find a rent at that time. Luckily we found the cheapest one it cost 50k for a day for 2 person absolutely.
Lembongan or cenigan was only a small island with so many tourist, so there is so many rent motorcycle everywhere. But the funny things is, there is no police so we don’t need a license plate and there is no gas station, we ig we want to buy a fuel they sell it on a bottle. Everything look so traditionally awesome.
Than we go to the home stay and got some lunch. 

We start our trip. I go to lembongan island with 12 peeps and than the boys didn’t stay for a night they back to Bali in the evening.
First place is The Cliff Café, this place was truly awesome-some-some. It was a restaurant with a huge view. It was located in Nusa Ceningan, but you can see whole of Nusa Penida Island by sitting in your seat only. Superp.
And I only bough a Banana Split (25K) hahaha

2:00 pm
We going to my Blue Langgon, it was my request and yup it was so cool, it was like a cliff but also looks like a huge coral and super windy. After that we need to come back to take my boys’ friends got to the harbor to back to Bali.

Me and my friend probably want looking for the sunsets but poorly the sun is hiding,

10:00 am
We going to The Devil’s Tear, hmm such a heavy name isn’t it? But still sound really cool.
And yes it totally awesome! If you know Water Blow in Nusa Dua Bali, this one the mother of water blow. I mean yes, it was superb. It seems like a huge coral with a little hole below. And when the wave come and it will hit the rock and get into that hole and than the water will spurting up.  Its look like a miracle. hmmm
We really need to be careful when take a pic, cos the rock is so slippery and dangerous. But still best photo need more scarification;)
11:30 am
Next is ‘Goa Gala-Gala’ this one was a development place, so we need to pay the entrance ticket. It cost IDR 10k per person. My expectation was really different with the reality. But why not?
So we entering the cave, its dark and creepy. Probably it looks like a maze cave. Maybe you can read the story by ur self hahaaa im too lazy to write it down sorry;) also we need to pay the entrance ticket 10K. 
13:00 pm
And the last but not least, it was Mangrove Tour!
Yippy! This one is really in nowadays. I mean everyone post their photo in the boat with mangrove view. So we probably do the same thing ahahaaha YOLO enough  right?

17:00 pm
Back to bali, our boat was on 17:00 pm so we need to leave this little heaven. But I will back to visit Nusa Penida one day though!;)
overall i really enjoying my small holiday, umm i wish i could traveling around Lombok and NTT too! by the way i have a video about this trip hope you watch it!:D
ps: turn it into high resolution pls=))

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