East Java Trip!

4:34 AM

Holla! Akhirnya setelah sekian lama post ini ditelantarkan tanpa tulisan apa2, niat2 gue akhirnya terkumpul😌

Anyway welcome to December! The best month in the year!! There is so many plan in this month, thanks to God! In 2 days i will be baptist, and in 15 days i'll be back to jakarta and also in 29 days im going to THAI!!! Uououououo so many excited things😍

So a month ago, me and my class went to east java for out seventh field trip. It was just an unforgotable moment in my life. The best thing is, i didnt pay for anything, its all on out collage, uuu love stp so much. We using Lion Air for going to surabaya, and back to bali with Air Asia but unfortunetely there is a vulcanic in Lombok so the airport is closed so we using a ferry boat to back to Bali.


Photo Diary!
We are went to Taman Safari Surabaya, which is there is 3 Taman Safari (zoo) in Indonesia there is in Bogor, Bali, and Prigen (Malang) and i have been come to all of those hihi, we also went to Museum Angkut, Batu Night Spectacular, Jatim Park (this one is my fav!), and last but not least was Batur Mountain!

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