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I thing this post gonna be the most match post in this blog. Because I’m going to write a review about a Beer & Chicken Restaurant called ‘Kukuruyu’. Its located in the beloved island BALI. Actually the building has 2 restaurant but I thing the owner is same. The 1st floor it is BUKABAJU (Gubuk Makan Bakso keju) and the 2nd floor is ‘KUKURUYU’. Whenever you sit you will got both menus. In this post I will write about both but more to “KUKURUYU’ I think.
I rather sit in the second floor because I thing the 2nd floor is more privet and far from noisy. This restaurant concept is semi indoor. But just for the information the play a loud music in the second floor. Sometimes I feel like I was in clubbing I should say louder when I tell a story. The design was minimalist and nice. I like how they draw the wall with big beer.
I thing the menu is super affordable, and compatible for more than 2 person. But if you really hungry I thing you can eat them all alone. Because their wings is so good. My favorite is Thai Sweet Chili Sauce. You can mixed all the flavor in your order, so you can try it all. For the Pizza flavor you will get extra mozzarella on the to of your wings. Yumm
Now days they give a good offer, with IDR 10k you get get extra fries and drink. Btw talking about drink, their ice tea is all you can drink.
I ordered 14 pcs of wings with bbq and Thai flavors (IDR 44K)
I really like how they fried the wings. you can tasted the strong sauce taste and feel the texture of ‘crispy outside tender inside’. Oh noo I want it now!

And for the meatball, I ordered ‘Bakso Bakar Keju Sapi’ (IDR 18K)

The cheese is real and super deli, when you sliced the meatball the melted cheese will surprise you. There is 3 level option of the spiciness. And I choose the lowes one, Buka Mulut. It is really good but for me it's lil'bit expensive for only 5 pcs of meatball hahahhaha.


 KUKURUYU & Gubuk Makan Bakso Keju (BUKABAJU)
Jl. Teuku Umar Barat (Malboro), Denpasar, Bali

Open time: 10 pm - 10 am
Parking Lot: Yes
WiFi: No
Venue: Semi-indoor

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