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So i want to finish my thai post and than i will share about my malay travel story, 
well hope you enjoy my travel video part 1. i have too many excitement video, and it makes me confused. sorry for not-so-waw video. i will do my best to make the second part more excited vibes:D

M A L A Y S I A   T R A V E L   D I A R Y   P A R T. 1

P.S: for you who asked what was the event that i come in Malay. It is YOUTEX (Youth Excursion) it is a program that allows all the student from ASEAN countries to gather in one country and discuss the nowdays problem, including how to be a good entrepreneur or even start up. Visiting start up company and doing market research stuff. Its kind of workshop and having fun with another youth😁

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Thankyou for read whole of my mind, pls leave any comment or anything:)