Introduce me, Crescentia Lidya Henryca

3:13 AM

Hi, so this is one of my life dream. I will tell you a lil’ bit of it. I want to be a Christian, the real one. For you who still wondering why, when, how I can through this. I will try to tell you even not detail. Honestly I don’t really like to discuss this kind of thing but why not write it on my blog, so people just need to read, and I don’t need to answer it over and over again.
So Why?when?how? Its kind of weird question because believing God is the thing that sometimes we don’t even know the answer is. It’s just like that. But for sure I’ve always believing God since I was a kid. I went to Christian school since elementary and I have a lot of Christian friends. Some of them really good and some of them just good. I’ve got so many things to learn from them.
When I was a kid I’m getting confused of myself, I praying to God but when my Parents who Confucianism (Kong Hu Cu) take me to the Shrine I use to pray to the Buddha. But when I grow up I recognize that all the God is same, and they teaching us a good thing, to be a good people in our life. So because I don’t really get it, how to pray in Kong Hu Cu. So I get more interesting to Christian, Since I use to pray in Christian way all the day.
And when I moving to Bali, I live closer to the Church. And I always push myself to go to the church every Sunday morning. In the first semester I don’t have any bike so I use to go with local transportation. Luckily now I have one so I don’t need to wait the local transport alone. And times go fast I heard that the church was open the registration for adult’s catechumens. It is the learning period to be a Christian. It takes 6-12 month until you baptized. And mine is 6 month, I try to always come to the class. And because of it I always come to mass twice a week. And it not a easy thing because my sister is using thee which is I need to use local transportation but the last one is in 6 pm and I got home in 8 pm. But because God make everything easy for me, there always a way for me to go to catechumen.
So in 11th December 2015 I got my own baptismal name. and I also have God parents, they are so good. Actually my God Father is the one who teach our catechumen class. He is such a good person and father. Also he have a super nice wife.

So introduce me Crescentia Lidya Henryca. I still need to learn more so maybe you can put my name In your night pray tonight lol. Thanks for reading and God bless you:D 

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