Unpredictable Trip to Malaysia (ft. YOUTEX MALAYSIA 2016)

12:49 AM

So this is my first time went to Malaysia and its all by my self.
yup its about a month before i go i found an interesting program called YOUTH EXCURSION  a friends of mine tag me on instagram. first of it i only scrolling and didnt really expect to join it. after i met my friend who's tag me and he really push me to try it, bcs there is nothing to lose to try it. And after that i really applied all the requirement to youtex. there is so many question in the application form so they said if i can passed it there will be no interview but some people will got an interview too. and lucky me there is no interview for me. so yes i passed it!! and the problem is this is a self funded program and it cost IDR 3900K for one person excluding the airplane tickets. and it is expensive btw.
So i have no ambition anymore on it hahahahaha since i already use all my money for Thai trip.
But my friend said that i could try to apply a sponsor to the academic by make a proposal. and yes i try to, and God is totally let me done this so i got a sponsor 100% from my collage!
so i just need to buy the airplane tickets.
the program schedule is only 5 days but i extended it one day before and 2 day after the program. so total i have 8 days in Malaysia.
I dont really found so many cool place in Malaysia but lucky me (again) i have friends who do their collage in Malay so they recommend me some place to go.

So here the photo diary of Youth Excursion Malaysia 2016, i got so many new friends and so many new experience!:D

PS: mor story is coming soon

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  1. Hallo.. remember me? I joined same team like you in Youtex Malaysia..
    Btw, I used one of your photo in my blog (team Laos' photo)
    Visit my blog to read my post : petualang106.wordpress.com

    1. Hai Nindyaa! feel free to take the pics yaa:*
      Btw nice blog hahahaha


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