THE STORY OF 2 0 1 7

10:08 PM

Hello guys, I am writing this post for reviewing this year, 2017.

I always considered that I have been changed and/or improved every year. 

But this year is just too unexpectable for me. One of my friend said, life will give you boxes of surprise and you need to deal with it gently. hm well said.

Actually in the end of 2016 I clearly remember that I said can't wait to face the rollercoaster of 2017. And yes it was a sick yet fantastic rollercoaster. so many ups story as well as down one.

This year I able to traveling aboard to 4 country in a once with my best friend. with so many new priceless experience, new places, and new photos haha. 

My family moved to Bali. 

I got so many change to work with new people and company. a hundred new friends even from aboard. 

I lived in Karangasem for 3 weeks and my class finish the field study seminars perfectly. 
I read my vow as Charismatic team for the next 3 years, yes I am the youth leader. 
And I met my dad after 5 years lost contact with him, and the next 2 weeks later he leave us forever. 
And yet not long ago i met a man, a really gentle one with kind and sweet heart for a while, but God also want to meet him faster.

Well as i see every rollercoaster stop has so many unexpected things that i never think before. imagine i have 20 filipino friends? nope. or I met a man that leave me forever when we trying to know each other? nope at all. yet too many surprises.

but I'm trying to figure out how and why that happens to me? so i remember one of the gospel said "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the Lord. "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." (Isaiah 55:8)

what i got is, every path that i have past is the one that Jesus let happened in my life. I may happy, proud, sad, or even crying and it was the process that Jesus want me to learn. So yes, Jesus want me to learn so many things, lucky me! also He want me to be the better one than before, that could make other people around me be greatfull and praise the Lord. If I didn't pass all the things on this year maybe i couldn't thinking this way, even in the darkest day I still feel so grate full. Oh i just remember that i pray to God to make my faith become more mature than before. and yes He granted it. HAHA. Thankyou Jesus! 

anyway, i pretty sure we have our own level of ups and downs story. but i hope you always be gratefull of everything that happends, cause God have His plan for every step that you made. And He promise you will satisfy in the future with Him. 

So dont worry and let the Holy Spirit guide you, MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I am totally excited for the next level of rollercoaster in 2018, do you?

PS: things to learn:
1. carefull of you wish for
2. be grate full even in your saddest time
3. stay positive! 

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