7:53 AM

HOLLY MOLLY! im back! with a quietly horror story.

it happened 3 weeks ago, where my classmate was possessed:(
it happening when there is no lecture, my friend (just called her B) was quietly silent and blank after back from the toilet a hour ago, and when the 'attraction' begin she suddenly screaming and raise her hands off. For the first time we tough that she just stress out and want to scream, but until the girl next to her (called her A) continue screaming too, like more emotionally than we all know that their was possessed. My friend said that, when A was in shc she is easily being possessed, and that day she is the emotional one, the spirit who possessed her was so angry and she is dancing like a Barong dancer in Bali while crying and scream Balinese language, and it looks so scary! 
So the boys hold them up and immediately called the lecture to help us and they take them to the Pura to calm them down.  
OMG! this is the very very first time for me! directly on my eyes and ear feeling those scary things! i swear it was so scary and i can't sleep tight for 2 day:''(

God Bless you,

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Thankyou for read whole of my mind, pls leave any comment or anything:)