Kedai Kita

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So in the post before i've write about Bogor culinery and one of them was Kedia Kita. In this post i want to tell you more about it hihi

Kedai Kita is one of Bogor's restaurant thats really perfect for everyone. I often came to there and always miss their food. I didnt know if they put something on their food but i always missed their food hhahaha
When you came here in the week end you should be ready to queuing because it was alwayd crowded especialy for dinner.
Well this is Kedai Kita's menu, and the recommended food is typed with bold in the menu and some of them was captured in the menu too 
As i said Kedai Kita is really pecfect for everyone, which is they can serve us an asian food until western food. And all of them was really mouthwatering!
My all time fav is their pepperoni pizza 
Look!!omg!!omg!! Those cheese they really screming "eat meee!!!" Hahahhaha
They cut it off into 6 slice, actually i dont really like italian pizza because the pizza bread is too thin but this one is so gut! Not too thin and so cheesy meaty.
And the second food is "bakmi sapi lada hitam hotplate" or i can say it as black pepper noodle hotplate with sliced meat... Okay... Nvm but this one is sooo recommended:9 there sliced meat was so big and the black pepper taste was so strong yet deliciously. It was so affordable for Rp. 35.000 even the portion not so big.
You sould try capcai, i fu mie, and their cheese cake too! 

Kedai Kita
Jl. pangrango no. 21, Bogor
Open hour: 08.30 AM - 23.00 PM
Parking Area: limited
Wifi : Yes
Out Door and In door: Yes
F&B: Asian, pizza, noodles, snack, and dessert.

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