PALIO VILLAGE : Almost get lost

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I really like traveling to the rare place in another country, because its kind of lucky when people say 'is that really Thailand?  I did not found it when i go there" kind of achivement btw hahaha. So when i going to travel overseas, i will find as many as i could about the unique and hidden place. And this place is one of the hidden gems in Thailand. I swear Thai has so many interesting place to come, and a week is not enough at all to explore the gems in thai.  
In Palio Village you can feel the atmosphere of Europe but not in Europe. Its located in Pak Chong District which is its 2,5 hour from Bangkok. I recommended you to use mini Fan from Victory Monument. only cost around 150 bath per-person for one way. After that you can take tuk-tuk to go directly to Palio Village, its only about 20 bath per person.
This place is really photoable and awesomely awesome. There is so many random shop here with vintage decoration start from food shop, spa, restaurant, and of course souvenir spot. 

i like this photo btw my ombre hair was visible, yup i ombre my hair into wine purple and its only cost about IDR 100k!
So let me tell you the real story,
beside the awesomeness of Palio Village view, we (me and my sister) had a kind of crazy story. We go from Bangkok with mini-fan about 10 am and arrived about two and half hour so its about 1 and we should ride a took-tuk first about a hour. so we arrived in Palio about at 3 pm. the only thing that i ask about the last schedule is the mini fan, they said the last one is at 6 pm. So we have a mind set that we should go back in 5 pm. and we have 2 hour to spend in palio. After we finish and try to finding the tuk-tuk about 15 minutes and there is no one passed us. so we asked the local people around there and they said the last one is already passed. So............ we-just-left our last tuk-tuk and
we should stay in there until the next day. honestly i still can relax and didn't got panic. hahahahah but after we asked some people who can speak english, they said there is a tuk-tuk who will take all the hotel staff to go back to the city. So we put our last hope in there and one of the polio's security help us bet called the tuck-tuk driver. we have waiting about a  half hour but nothing come, and starting to panic hahahahah we ask the security a several time and his english was bad but what i can get is he said 'it haven't come, just wait' and yes finally thanks to God, it is come. and all the passenger was a hotel staff. So we asked to one of them where should we stop if we want to ride a mini fan to Bangkok, fortunately one of them can speak english well, she even call the mini-fan staff to booking the seat for the last mini-fan for 2 person. She asked her boss to help her to book it for us. Omg too many good people here:'( after arrived she and her daughter also bring us until the mini-fan station:)))) that day was totally full of blessed tho.
WELL things that you can learn from me is: DO NOT come to Palio without staying at least one night, hahahahah because i also realise there is so many unique place as Palio in Khao Yai, also you didn't need to panic like me:/
i took this photo across the Palio, the sky is totally totally heart-warmed. I really like Khao Yai wides because it looks like overseas even it was an overseas hahahah but it was so beautifully elegant  

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