LOMBOK JOGJA? jalan-jalan terus?!

12:17 AM

I am so sorry for so many random post bcs i didn't have so much time to blogging, but i always tried to manage it bcs there is so many things i have to write. especially about Thailand trip which is there is so many thing i want to share but i didn't know how to:(

the good things is i will do my internship program in the next 6 month until December in Four Seasons Bali and i know it would be so awesome but not that awesome cause i will be more busy and have less time to do blogging.

Well in this two month me and my classmate went to lombok and yogyakarta for our fieldtrip program. so for who doesn't know yet, i was majoring in Tourism Management in Tourism Institute Bali which is each semesters we use to do field trip twice. and this time will be the last trip in this year for us, yup bcs we are not going to field trip while we are doing our internship program. so if you have some times why dont you watch out fun time in lombok and also in Yogyakarta (comingsoon)!



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Thankyou for read whole of my mind, pls leave any comment or anything:)