Cyber Friend Come True

6:26 AM

Do you have a cyber friend? well i have some from game. 
About 4 years ago i used to play game called 'LINE PLAY' it's kind of game where we can make a character and than we decore our house with cute furniture, also there is so many chatting room that we can join to chatting randomly with other people around the wourld. but most of it was indonasian and malaysian i think. 
And i don't know i just got match with some crazy people (maybe 10 people? i forgot tho) in one of chating room and we used to chatting every night in the same room over and over again maybe in 6 month hahahahhaa we chatting about anything even there is nothing to talk about, but bcs all of us from indonesia so we can talk comfortably. And of course there is so many difference ages but thats what make it fun. Until we make our group chat in line also some of us follow each other in social media.
this is the photos how the game look like lol
And yesterday when i went to Malaysia i met one of them! She is doing her last semester and ready to work in Malaysia. When i told my collage friend that i will meet a friend that i know from internet she really scared and its crazy, but i think this gonna be a dream come true. which is something i never think about.

I never thought that we can meet in the real life. even we seem really close while chating and commenting each other on the instagram. First of it we really worried this gonna be a bad idea and its gonna be so awkward. but when we really met everything goes so well and we had so much fun (on my perspective)! she have a good personality, mature and beautiful also hahahahah with her small body lol
we also have a dinner together and talking about so many thing:D
Good to see you Puspa! and i hope we can meet again!
Best luck for your working life!:*

(Ps: we didnt know when we will meet again, that why we took so many photo😂)


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Thankyou for read whole of my mind, pls leave any comment or anything:)